Retrieve Medication Dispense R2

This transaction requests a Medication Dispense record by its resource ID directly. This resource ID can be stored from a prior call or retrieved via an Search Medication Dispense Transaction.

Message Type







GET [base]/MedicationDispense/[id]

 Medication Dispense Retrieval will fetch a specific Medication Dispense record from the DHDR solution database.


The transactions will:

  • Allow a client application to request a specific medication dispensation record for a specific patient
  • Allow the DHDR solution to return the appropriate MedicationDispense record


The medication dispensation record that is returned will contain the information about:

  • the type of medication dispensed
  • the prescriber
  • the fulfilling pharmacist
  • the name of the pharmacy that dispensed it


lite services [base] =/dispense-service2


HTTP Header Requirements

Only the base HTTP Header values are required, as described in the Submitting FHIR Messages Overview section.


MedicationDispense resource ID, retrieved through a prior Retrieve Medication Dispense or Search Medication Dispense call

  • resource ID (see
    •  Example
      • 3A78A913A74140ACE65400144FF8F552



Returns a FHIR MedicationDispense resource, or an OperationOutcome resource (in the event of an issue).

If a MedicationDispense resource is returned, the following resources are also “contained” by the MedicationDispense resource:

  • Patient
  • Medication
  • MedicationRequest
  • Practitioner
  • Organization


Sample Message

NOTE:  There is a required HTTP Header that is not included in this example.  To get a working example of the HTTP Header, you can use innovation-lab TestHarness