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Author: Mohamed Ibrahim - 1/17/2018 4:27:57 PM
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Project Description
The MEDIC ATNA API project provides a simple to use series of utility classes centered around creating IHE Audit Trail and Node Authentication (ATNA) audit messages (ITI-20). This API provides the following functionality:

  • Serialize/parse ITI-20 (ATNA Audit) messages
    • To/From IETF RFC3881 format
    • To/From DICOM audit format
  • Transport audit messages via:
    • UDP Syslog (RFC5426 + RFC5424)
    • Secure (TLS) TCP Syslog (RFC5425 + RFC5424)
  • Automatically create audit messages from annotated data classes (via attribution)

The AtnaApi is used by the MEDIC Client Registry and Visualizer and tested with a variety of partners, including at the IHE North American Connect-a-thon 2015 within the MEDIC Client Registry.