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Spring Boot FHIR Server

Author: Bellraj Eapen - 5/21/2018 11:00:41 AM
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A FHIR has been lit on this server


  • fhir-server : The basic FHIR Restful server using spring-boot and UHN's hapi-fhir library.
  • overlay: FHIR server with the client overlay using spring-boot
  • injector: Injects resources from a file.
  • interceptor: Injects a DataElement demap extension reference into a Questionnaire resource.
  • editor: Adds FRED (Fhir resource editor) to the fhir-server. FRED is a project by 'Smart Health IT' ( ). Within this ecosystem, FRED can edit resources on the server. (Work in progress)
  • develop: main development branch
  • ... expect in the future:
  • graphql: A Graphql adapter for


  • java 8
  • maven 3

How to Use:

git clone
mvn spring-boot:run
  • Access at http://localhost:8080/fhir


Pre-build docker container of overlay branch is available for testing and can be deployed using the following command. Access it at http://localhost:8080/fhirql (Docker container is for testing only.)

docker run -d --name fhirserver -p 8080:8080 beapen/fhir


Bell Eapen (McMaster U)