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FHIR North 2018 Java

Author: Christian Ferreira - 4/25/2018 2:05:01 PM
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FHIR North 2018 Java Application

JavaFX applications making use of the HL7 FHIR STU3 Library to query DHDR & DHIR

Getting Started

Before You Begin

Make sure you have the following installed:

  • Java Version 1.8.0

Downloading the Applications

The source code for this application can be downloaded by clicking on the "Repository Source" link on the right hand side under the "Navigation" section.

Running the Applications

For successful querying to the DHDR/DHIR services, the applications require your Unique Sender Identifier to run.

  1. Locate your Unique Sender Identifier on the Test Harness
  2. Add your Unique Sender Identifier to the indicated spot in the files.

Troubleshooting the Applications

A Q&A thread for the applications can be found on the Innovation Lab Forums page. To view repository specific topics, click "Visit Forum" in the right "Navigation" menu.


These applications make use of the HAPI FHIR library.

Things to Note

Disable Metadata Validation

The HAPI FHIR library sends an initial metadata query for validation any time a client preforms a query. In order to query DHIR/DHDR, this must be disabled on the client: ctx.getRestfulClientFactory().setServerValidationMode(ServerValidationModeEnum.NEVER)


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