Provider Person Detail

This is a business transaction that is used by external systems to request and receive detail information from the Ontario Provincial Provider Registry (PPR), about a specific provider person (licensed or otherwise).

The interaction between the requesting and responding systems are depicted in a sequence diagram below. In addition, the full complement of data items that can be returned to the requester is also listed in a table on the following page.


Message Type







 Scenario Details:

1.  Pharmacist then request detailed information about Dr. , by sending a ‘Get Provider Person Detail Query (PRPM_IN306010ON)’ message from his PMS to the provincial Provider Registry. By selecting a record from the list to request detailed information, the UPI is the single query parameter that is sent to the Provider Registration application.

2.  A ‘Provider Person Detail Query Response (PRPM_IN306011ON)’ message is sent from the provincial provider registry to the Pharmacist’s PMS with the Prescriber’s demographic information, including business (practice) address, phone, emails; etc, according to the data entitlement for Pharmacists.

Mandatory fields:

-  Search by UPI ( Universal Provider Identifier):


Provider Person Details Query Response – Full Complement of Data Elements

Data Element name :


- Alternate Identifier Type code

- Alternate Identifier

- Alternate Identifier Source OID

- Alternate Identifier End Date

- Alternate Identifier Start Date

- Provider Official Name

- Provider Alias Name

- Gender code

- Date Of Birth - in the initial release Date of Birth will not be exposed (will be masked)

- Deceased Indicator

- Deceased Date

- Communication Language code

- Communication Language Preference Indicator

- Preferred Official Language

- Profession Role Class Code

- Profession End Date

- Profession Start Date

- Profession Role Class Type

- Profession Role Status Code

- Profession Active Indicator

- Profession Official Language code

- License Number

- License Source OID

- License Classification Code

- License Restriction Type Code

- License Restriction Text (may be a web link)

- License Restriction End Date

- License Restriction Start Date

- Affiliation Type code

- Affiliation End Date

- Affiliation Start Date

- Affiliated Provider Organization UPI

- Affiliated Provider Organization Role Class Code

- Mailing Address(includes postal code , additional Locator, street Address Line 1,

street Address Line 2, street Address Line 3, street Address Line 4

- Mailing Address End Date

- Mailing Address Start Date

- Email Address (includes ‘Confidentiality Indicator’)

- Email Address Returned Email Indicator

- Email Address End Date

- Email Address Start Date

- Practice Location ID

- Practice Location Address

- Practice Location LHIN Code

- Practice Location LHIN Name

- Practice Location Phone (land line)

- Practice Location Phone (land line) Confidentiality Indicator

- Practice Location Phone (fax)

- Practice Location Email Address

- Practice Location Web Address

- Specialty Role Class Code

- Specialty Role Class Type

- Specialty End Date

- Specialty Start Date

- Training Type code

- Training Class Code

- Training Institution UPI

- Training Institution Class Code

- Training Completion Date

- Training Certification Date


 For the full details on these interactions, please refer to our full PPR Standards documentation

Sample Message

<S:Envelope xmlns:S="" xmlns:xsi="">
  <wsa:MessageID xmlns:wsa="">75eca3e6-b19d-434c-9f3f-51fc8472565f</wsa:MessageID>
  <wsa:ReplyTo xmlns:wsa="">
  <wsa:Action xmlns:wsa="">ProviderRegistry/GetProviderPersonDetail/V4</wsa:Action>
  <wsa:To xmlns:wsa=""></wsa:To>
  <ns2:getProviderPersonDetailByIDRequest xsi:schemaLocation=" ..\ProviderService.xsd" xmlns:ns2="" xmlns:v3="urn:hl7-org:v3">
   <v3:realmCode code="CA" />
   <v3:id root="DEC8FBE5-4600-43EA-A92A-6AFB4B1C1E45" />
   <v3:creationTime value="20090224225235.656-0700" />
   <v3:responseModeCode code="I" />
   <v3:versionCode code="V3-2008N" />
   <v3:interactionId root="2.16.840.1.113883.1.6" extension="PRPM_IN306010ON" displayable="true" />
   <v3:profileId use="BUS" root="2.16.840.1.113883.3.239.7" extension="V02.00" />
   <v3:processingCode code="P" />
   <v3:processingModeCode code="T" />
   <v3:acceptAckCode code="NE" />
     <v3:id use="BUSN" root="2.16.840.1.113883.3.239.2" />
     <v3:id specializationType="II.BUS" root="2.16.840.1.113883.3.239.4" use="BUS" />
    <v3:id root="E9B94DB8-CC0A-4598-A5E5-BBF9D6FF81G1" />
    <v3:code codeSystem="2.16.840.1.113883.1.18" code="PRPM_TE306010ON" />
    <v3:statusCode code="completed" />
     <v3:low value="20090224225209.375-0700" />
     <v3:time value="20090125092236.4764-0400" />
     <v3:authorRole classCode="ROL" />
      <v3:id root="IDb4c5b32c-032b-4c8a-9960-4a8309c9b538" />
     <v3:queryId root="B86C64F5-E3AA-4A07-A7F5-13CB547350FC" />
     <v3:responseModalityCode code="R" />
     <v3:initialQuantity value="1" />
     <v3:initialQuantityCode code="RD" codeSystem="2.16.840.1.113883.5.1112" />
       <v3:value code="eng" />
       <v3:value displayable="true" extension="160884941305" root="2.16.840.1.113883.3.239.9" />