Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS)

The purpose of OLIS is to establish a province-wide electronic system that can store and transmit lab requisitions and test results in digital form

What is it?


Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS) is an information system that connects hospitals, community laboratories, public health laboratories and practitioners to facilitate the secure electronic exchange of laboratory test orders and results. As a province-wide, integrated repository of orders and results, OLIS provides practitioners with timely access to information that is needed at the time of clinical decision-making.


The mandate for the OLIS program is to both enable and sustain OLIS for clinical use in conjunction with all eHealth Ontario delivery programs. OLIS plans to capture 100% of lab tests within Ontario and enable viewing of this comprehensive set of lab results across the province. Users, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, policy makers, researchers, public health units and patients, are able to access OLIS data through various channels including electronic medical record applications (EMRs), portals and anonymized reports.


NOTE: OLIS is a repository for laboratory data and facilitates the exchange of laboratory information among laboratory information systems (LIS), hospital information systems (HIS), and electronic medical record (EMR) software, but it is not an LIS in its own right, and is not intended to replace existing LIS systems.

Lite Service Tests

  • OLIS (HL7v2 over SOAP): http://lite.innovation-lab.ca:8080/olis


This is a simulator that emulates the external interfaces of eHealth Ontario EHR assets. It receives the same type of messages that an equivalent eHealth Ontario EHR asset would receive, and responds with messages similarly to how the eHealth Ontario EHR asset would.


NOTE: For this particular service offering, the security portion of the message (signing) is NOT part of the service and is a notable difference between the eHealth Ontario EHR asset/Full Services and this simulator. Production messages are BASE64 encoded but are not in the simulator.




Scenario(s) Involved


Z01 - Retrieve Order/Report for Patient

Get laboratory orders/reports from the OLIS Clinical Repository for a specified Patient ID



  • OLIS (FHIR): http://lite.innovation-lab.ca:9443/consumer/v1



Scenario(s) Involved


FHIR - Consumer Query

Backend interface to the consumer applications and portals to allow a consumer to view their lab report data in OLIS



  • Patient Benefits

    • Enables high quality care by providing a timelier and broader access to laboratory test results by practitioners
    • Reduction in excessive lab tests due to greater availability and sharing of lab information
    • Reduction in lab errors and time wasted to clarify test results
    • Fewer gaps in patient information as patients move between care settings
    • Tracking lab history over time enables better monitoring of outcomes and supports chronic disease management
  • Health service provider benefits

    • Enables timely access to information for improved decision making at the point of care
    • Provides a complete, more comprehensive and up to date lab history in a seamless and timely manner regardless of where lab tests are completed
    • Provides better coordination of care between multiple practitioners and within health care teams
    • Convenience and time savings from improved workflow and reduction in paper-based processes