Labs with PDF error

Why can't I run the diagnostic report call for this patient: 2900000684

The result is:

  "Content": "",
  "Errors": [
      "Number": 9999,
      "Severity": "Error",
      "Message": "Unable to process message",
      "Details": [""]

Started By Kori Francis

Geoff Burbidge

7/9/2019 7:12:30 PM

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OLIS Full Test Services URL

Hi, Following this link : https://www.innovation-lab.ca/ontario-laboratories-information-system I see URL for Lite Test Services, but not for Full Test Services. What's the URL for Full Test Services?


Started By Viktoriya Zhilina


9/4/2018 7:50:50 PM

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Submitting OLIS messages in production


What exactly should I use to digitally sign my hl7 request? In the above link, it says "Digitally sign the Request message using a PKCS#7 format signature using a cryptographic toolkit.", but no specifics on which PKCS signature I should use to sign. Thanks in advance.

I have tried a few ways to sign the message. I have tried to use OpenSSL to sign the request message (datafile) with a combination of my private key and the certificate.pem (keyandcertfile) with the following command:

openssl cms -in datafile -sign -signer keyandcertfile -nodetach -outform pem|der

I then used the output of that file, base64 encode that and then send the request to the endpoint with no luck.

EDIT: The server is now responding with Unsupported Message Type (HL7 Error #200) with this HL7 message:

MSH|^~\&|^2.16.840.1.113883.3.59.1:4004^ISO|194cd1ca-da5f-4c23-a324-87a44f67c6a0|^OLIS^X500||200506 01134500-0400||SPQ^Z01^SPQQ08|5b6046b3-54e9-4f24-8e8d-f784d283d41b|P|2.3.1||||||8859/1 ZSH|123976456|John Henry Everyman SPR|QRYTAG123|R|ZQryLabInfoForPatientID^^HL70471|@OBR.22^20020101000000-0400~@PID.3.1^6948425589~@PID.8^F~@PID.7^19940115~@ZRP.1.1^926279~@ZRP.1.13^MDL~@ZRP.1.22.1^ON~@ZRP.1.22.3^HL70347~@ZRP.1.2^Richards~@ZRP.1.3^Reed~@ZRP.1.4

Started By Cho Yin Yong

Cho Yin Yong

7/3/2018 3:13:23 PM

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OLIS Sample Projects

Any news on the OLIS sample projects being made available?

  • Sample OLIS SOAP project
  • Sample OLIS .NET project
Really looking to start implementing a .NET client, but I'd really like the reference code.

Started By Kori Francis

Arthur Krughkov

4/16/2018 8:40:23 PM

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Authentication Requirements for OLIS

Are there any documented requirement for OLIS access authentication

Started By Dr. Wael Hassan


1/30/2017 9:32:20 PM

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FHIR OLIS queries

thanks for launching the OLIS FHIR queries. what version of FHIR are these queries based on?

Started By yaron derman


1/11/2017 8:30:50 PM

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OLIS HL7v2 Web Services Currently Unavailable

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with the OLIS HL7v2 interactions (endpoint We apologize for any inconvenience and will update this thread as we make progress to resolve the issue.

Started By CarynMcGilvray


12/13/2016 9:18:30 PM

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OLIS Service Up and Running!

The Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS) is now up and running in the test harness and web services. Visit the OLIS page under the EHR Services tab to learn more.

Enhancements to the service and resources will be made on a continuous basis, so please post any questions you have here!

Started By CarynMcGilvray


9/12/2016 8:57:06 PM

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Practioner Inquiry

Looking forward to this service resuming after our pilot project in 2015. Is there an ETA?

Started By Craig Nicks


5/5/2016 4:51:33 PM

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