Getting Started

The Innovation Lab currently offers Lite services. We recommend all users start their development processes with Lite services in order to gain an understanding of basic connectivity requirements. 

Innovation Lab EHR Services

Innovation Lab EHR Services are simulations of our EHR services and offer only a subset of their functionality. These services provide basic EHR message validation. Registration is open to anyone via the sign up page. 


There are two ways to use the Innovation Lab EHR Services, the test harness or through web services. The test harness takes you through the steps of building a message, or you can submit a message that you have already built. Web services allow you to submit a message, via end points, that you have already developed on your own system using your own code (SOAPUI, Java, C#, etc.). Endpoints can be found on individual service pages under EHR Services.




The purpose of the Innovation Lab is to demonstrate the value of connectivity to EHR systems. Access to the lab is for testing and development purposes only, and does not imply any right to access the production EHR. Please reference the full Terms of Use for more details.