Digital Health Immunization Repository (DHIR)

The purpose of the DHIR is to expand immunization data access options for healthcare providers and the public, for submitting and retrieving immunization data.

What is it?

The Digital Health Immunization Repository (DHIR) is a centralized repository of standardized electronic immunization data which forms the foundation of a broader interoperable ecosystem for immunization data in Ontario. The goal of the DHIR is to improve health outcomes by making comprehensive immunization information accessible in real time to support health care providers in clinical practice and to engage the public as active partners in managing their health. 


The DHIR primarily supports data sharing for public health purposes; Ontario’s 36 public health units access the repository through Panorama. However, the public is also able to access and update their immunization records through a web-based tool called Immunization Connect Ontario/Digital Yellow Card (ICON/DYC).


An upcoming release will make it possible for health care providers to access and update the DHIR through a clinician-oriented version of the ICON web tool. Intended approaches for expanded clinical access include DHIR integration with regional and provincial clinical viewers, and direct integration with electronic medical record (EMR) systems. Expanded public (consumer) access will be accomplished through DHIR integration with consumer applications and patient portals.


The DHIR specification describes the data store environment and web services for submitting and retrieving immunization data. The DHIR Release 3 FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources®) Implementation Guide implements FHIR Standard for Trial Use (STU) 3.

Lite Service FHIR Tests

Note:  As Lite services are only simulations with a subset of functionality, there maybe be differences between the documentation and the implemented web service.  Please contact us at if you have any questions.


  • DHIR Lite Service end point:




Scenario(s) Involved


Search Immunization

Public and Provider Get Yellow Card / Search Immunizations



  • For Health Care Providers

    • Better integration of available immunization data through existing EMRs, provincial digital health assets, and other systems 
    • Improved collaboration between health care providers through sharing of patient immunization data
  • For Patients

    • Improved health outcomes by making comprehensive immunization information accessible in real time
    • Increased engagement as active partners in the management of their own health 
    • Ability to update and access their immunization records