DHIR - Search Immunization

Public Immunizations Retrieval (Digital Yellow Card)

For Public Immunizations Retrieval, currently there is only one option available: 

    • Search by OIID
    • Request resources to be included in the bundle (optional)


Health Care Provider Immunization Retrieval (Digital Yellow Card)


1. For Health Care Provider Immunization Retrieval, all search options are available:

    • Search by OIID
    • Request resources to be included in the bundle (optional)


2. In addition to options above, if the Health Care Provider calls GetPatient to populate Patient resource, prior to Immunization record submission:

    • Search by Ontario HCN and Date of Birth 
    • Search by Ontario HCN, Date of Birth, Gender and First & Last Name
    • Date Parameters (Optional)

Message Type







GET [base]/[type] {?[parameters]{&_format=[mime-type]}}


When an access request is made to the DHIR solution for a patient’s immunization history, the DHIR solution uniquely identifies the patient based on the supplied patient identifiers, and returns that patient’s immunization history to the calling system. The calling system can then use the results to create a digital yellow card for the patient.    


The transactions will:

    • Allow a client application to search the DHIR solution database for Immunization records matching the search criteria
    • Allow the DHIR solution to return an appropriate set of Immunization records along with a ImmunizationReomendation (forecast) if requested.


Public Immunizations

lite services [base]/[type] = /dhir-lite/Immunization

*full services [base]/[type] = /API/FHIR/Immunizations/v2/Immunization


Health Care Provider Immunizations

lite services [base]/[type] = /dhir-lite/clinician/Immunization 

*full services [base]/[type] = /API/FHIR/Immunizations/v3/clinician/Immunization


HTTP Header Requirements

In addition to the eHealth required FHIR Headers described in the Submitting FHIR Messages Overview section, the following will also have to be included:


Search by OIID



Search by Ontario HCN and Date of Birth




Search by Ontario HCN, Date of Birth, Gender and First & Last Name


patient.birthdate= yyyy-mm-dd





Date Parameters (Optional)

  • Optional Immunization Date parameter: date
    • Example 1: date=gt2017-02-24
    • Example 2: date=ge2017-02-25&date=le2018-02-27T08:04:03.817-05:00
  • Optional Last Updated Date parameter: lastUpdated
    • Example 1: lastUpdated=gt2017-02-24T08:04:03.817-05:00
    • Example 2: lastUpdated=ge2017-02-25T08:04:03.817-05:00&lastUpdated=le2018-02-27 T08:04:03.817-05:00


Request resources to be included in the bundle (Optional)

  • Request to include Patient resource
    • Example: _include=Immunization:patient
  • Request to include Practitioner resource (performer of immunization)
    • Example: _include=Immunization:performer
  • Request to include ImmunizationRecommendation resource
    • Example: _revinclude:recurse=ImmunizationRecommendation:patient
    • ImmunizationRecommendation resource will include zero or more recommendations



The service will return a FHIR bundle containing the following resources:

  • Immunization
  • Patient
  • Practitioner
  • ImmunizationRecommendation



Sample Message


Public Immunizations Retrieval (Digital Yellow Card) GET query example

NOTE:  There is a required HTTP Header that is not included in this example.  To get a working example of the HTTP Header, you can use innovation-lab TestHarness