The Innovation Lab service is no longer available, as of March 31, 2020. Ontario Health (Digital Services) acknowledges and thanks Mohawk College and Innovation Lab users for your creativity and support over the years as Ontario Health continues to advance digital innovation towards a more connected and integrated health care system.

Create. Integrate. Demonstrate. Innovate.

Welcome to the eHealth Ontario Innovation Lab - where innovators and solution providers can demonstrate the value of electronic health record integration and embark on new entrepreneurial ventures that will help transform patient care.

This online, open provincial EHR platform allows ehealth solutions to be tested in a virtual EHR environment, giving innovators a space to prototype new ideas.

What is the Innovation Lab?

It’s a virtual environment that allows users to understand and experiment with basic EHR services and connectivity. For those building custom applications or solutions, it’s a place to validate planning, make product adjustments, and prove concepts.


The Virtual Lab Environment

The platform is operationally and physically isolated from eHealth Ontario’s production environments. It contains copies of eHealth Ontario EHR test environment assets and a fabricated, integrated EHR data set. No personal health information (PHI) or personal information (PI) is used in the innovation lab. 

Who can use It?

Digital health innovators - individuals or organizations from across North America who want to leverage EHR assets to develop new digital health solutions, demonstrate connectivity, or showcase functionality. 

Useful for: IT vendors, digital health innovators, students, researchers and academia

Benefits to Digital Health Innovators

  • Demonstrate interoperability with eHealth Ontario EHR assets, using a fabricated, integrated EHR dataset
  • Develop EHR-connected prototypes to support business cases and investment decisions
  • Validate requirements and architectural planning ahead of investment
  • Gain an understanding of the risks and costs associated with EHR asset integration during procurement cycle
  • Creates opportunity for companies to enter the digital health market
  • Creates applied research opportunities for students

The Innovation Lab is eHealth Ontario’s platform for innovation powered by Mohawk.


eHealth Ontario is fostering EHR innovation across Ontario  by allowing developers to verify the usability of new products using the structure and composition of the EHR. Our new innovation lab offers an environment for both current and prospective developers to innovate, invest, and embark on new entrepreneurial ventures that will help transform patient care in the province. A strong IT industry in Ontario will help us deliver better patient care faster.

This initiative has been made possible through a strategic relationship of eHealth Ontario and Mohawk eHealth Development and Innovation Centre (MEDIC). MEDIC provides research, development, testing and training services for organizations and companies in the healthcare IT sector.